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We believe the best photographs from your wedding day will not be epic ring shots or forced photos of your bridesmaids laughing at each other. The best photos will be candid, informal, and honest moments of people you love, just being people. Quirky smiling, bear-hugging, tear dabbing, semi-pro iPhone Instagramming, crazy dancing, drink spilling loved ones. You should spend more time with these folks on your wedding day and less with us. That is why our hearts are in documentary wedding photography. We are Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers.

Spend more time with friends & family.

Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

The wedding day is going to fly by. Spend every moment you can with those you love. We'll help you do that.

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Story Style Wedding Films

Each couple is different. Every wedding is unique. Your wedding film should be amazingly different.


Dan + Dana

“I didn't want "traditional" wedding pictures (which can sometimes look cheesy and unnatural) which is why we choose Evermark Studios. I wanted to enjoy my wedding and not worry about being pulled in a million directions to take pictures. We planned for just the right amount of portrait and family photos and after that, I never saw Brian once. Which is exactly what we asked for! He and Barry blended into the background for the rest of the evening and captured some of our favorite photos from the day.”

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Why work with us?

The couples that work with us should value the people at their wedding. You should hire our team if you want shots of grandma watching the bride come down the aisle. You should want us to capture candid hugs and joyful tears. Most of all, you want images, absent of filters, trends, and staging. Our focus will be on the beauty of your family, the depth of their love, and preserving the human elements that make it unique. It’s all about LOVE baby!

Our couples are people-people. They love a good campfire story, admire truthfulness, and respect imperfection. They aim to spend their wedding day loving on each other, their family, and celebrating with friends. To our couples, taking portraits is not a priority.  Our brides appreciate truthful moments and recognize the beauty of simplicity. Our grooms are prepared to be honest even during the most intimate moments of the day. You should laugh and dance together, value a sense of humor, and honor each other.