25 Real Moments

Weddings are often overdone and under appreciated. Our images are more about the beauty of the human element than the actual wedding. Our storytelling focuses on emotion, touch, humor, and joy. We are documentary wedding photographers.


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Documentary Wedding Photographers

When we photograph weddings, we are focused on creating a visual story of the day as it naturally unfolds. Our goal is to portray how it felt  to be at your wedding rather than how it looked. Most couples hire us for our candid approach and our experience in photojournalism.



ˈkandəd  /  adjective

The definition of candid, as an adjective, is truthful, straightforward and honest.  In regards to photography, candid means without ones knowledge, unposed, and informal.


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Most of us agree, the best photographs from your wedding day will not be the posed group shots of people smiling for the camera. They won’t be epic ring shots or forced photos of your bridesmaids laughing at each other.  The best photos will be candid, informal and honest moments of people you love, just being people. Quirky smiling, bear hugging, tear dabbing, semi-pro iPhone Instagraming, crazy dancing, drink spilling loved ones.  You should spend more time with these folks on your wedding day and less with us.

We plan to capture your day as an observer.

When compared to what is currently trending in wedding photography, we approach our photography much differently. Our work is inspired by many of the great documentary photographers and photojournalists of our time. We strive to create a body of work, inspired by that vision, to live on and be enjoyed both now, and for future generations of your family.

Award Winning Documentary Wedding Photographers